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You will find  below a number of testimonials from first time students and people who have attended any of our classes:


* Your class has been a major highlight of my time in New Zealand as I've always been shy to dance etc. but now I'm much more confident because of you.  I absolutely loved your class and enjoyed each and every time 

*I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful dance teacher. I have really enjoyed your Thursday night beginners lessons and you have encouraged me to keep going.  Your classes are always fun and I find myself looking forward to the next.


*I have to say that without the wonderful experience I had with the scene in Christchurch, the one you helped develop and maintain, and without your instruction at your studio, I'm not sure I would be doing what I am today! What you had created is a very welcoming and non-intimidating dance atmosphere that even I could participate in. This was of great help for me because it provided an alternative and colourful way to entertain myself, rather than just drinking at the pubs. It has beautified my life!!! Now I look for similar alternatives. Also, I've been motivating others to taste the dance scene and their lives are now beautified as well! Your efforts are far reaching; you should know that. I want to say, THANK YOU so much for all your efforts!


* Enjoyed Salsa. Hip Hop looks cool too! I'll come watch!


* Fantastic, will pursue further lessons! Hard work but exhilarating. Thank you!



* This is great! More often! Fantastic, thanks.



* Was fantastic!


*Thank you for teaching us salsa and merengue over the last few months. We
have had lots of fun and really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.



* Great fun, learnt heaps! Thanks guys!



* Really enjoyed it. Great to try some new dances.



* The teacher was very knowledgeable, very good at communicating, very fun, friendly and



*Just to say thanks for giving me such a wonderful introduction to Salsa.



*Just want to say, have enjoyed our first 2 classes of salsa and  am looking forward to getting into it when the classes start back up again.



* Fun class to attend. Awesome!



* I just got back from my salsa lessons and had a wonderful time I will definitely be going back. 


* Thank you for a great time. I will recomend it to everyone.



* Great lesson recomend to all.



* Great time!! We had so much fun...look forward to going again!  



* Great lessons..and fun. Give it a go.



* Went to hip hop class, great people.


* Lots of fun!